Friday, July 3, 2009

We Need to Talk

We need to talk, about Cayuga Lake and its watershed. This is an informal, positive place to discuss the beauty of and challenges facing this glacier-carved waterfall-surrounded ever-changing ageless deep beckoning friend of ours and companion to its fellow finger lakes.

Hilary Lambert

Steward, Cayuga Lake Watershed Network.


  1. Hey!
    We took the Cornell mini-sub and its team of handlers only to water today to check out what's living on the lake bottom. Excellent fun, and we discovered that quite a different community is present along the west shore of the lake, as opposed to the east shore at this point. Very cool- but mostly, what a beautiful afternoon on the lake! It is alive in many ways... Bill F. the Floating Classroom guy.

  2. Hilary, we do need to talk, and need a blog like this for our fine lake. Hope you can keep it up.