Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Contest!

Attention Cayuga Lake and Water-Lovers!

The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network seeks your favorite water-themed photos in a small informal contest!

If we get enough entries, we’ll award prizes for best and next-best Cayuga Lake Watershed photo and best and next-best Water Anywhere photo.

These have to be your own photos – provide your name, location and date of photo, and caption.

Send them to Ashley Benning at

We’ll feature the winners on this Facebook page, and publish the photos in the Network’s quarterly newsletter, “Network News.”

Due by: March 18

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its warming up!

So, its getting warmer out there, lets hope this lasts. The birds were actually singing today, maybe a good sign?

Hopefully the warm weather stay's for Hilary's pet project "Embrace the Lake" which kind of sounds really awesome and I'm sad I didn't do last year. This year I will have to be a good role model and drag out a few friends of my own. Of course, we like to run around in the streams anyway, and we do tend to find a good deal of trash, so this time, we'll just have to grab a few bags to bring it back in.
I personally have always liked searching around outdoors, and think there is nothing cooler than finding bones or fossils, or rocks that I should know the name of because of geology but mainly refer to as "ooh, shiny!" But really, the streams are super fun, and one of my best memories is visiting local waterside locations with my friends. They're beautiful, and there is just so much to find! So if I can go hiking AND help the lake stay healthy, and maybe even improve it then why not? Sounds like fun!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Weather

I don't know about the rest of the lake shore folk, but these crazy temperature fluxes have sent out a bout of Wells plague. Here we're all sleepy...and coughing.
Hurry up spring!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Introducing: The Watershed's New Intern


So I'm the new intern with the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network. Lucky for me, HQ is located right on Campus, so I actually get to do something great without leaving home turf. Thats even better for me because honestly, I'm kind of lazy. (shh, don't tell anyone). I'm really excited to work with the organization that I think is the primary caretaker of the lake and its lovely tributaries. Not only are they important as a source of water, (well, obviously, try going a week without water and tell me how that goes, or don't, you may be too parched and smelly to leave the house...) but it is also a GREAT local source of fun. Between the lake and the streams, you'll never be hot in the summer, and you get to see GORGEOUS frozen waterfalls in the winter. Not to mention the lake keeps the shoreline relatively snow free. Trust me on this one, I live about 20 minutes north of the lake, and there hasn't been a day this winter that the snow wasn't waist high...

Now, I know it just sounds like I'm plugging the lake, but that is mainly to lead to a plug for my first creation as an intern. Photo contest! The subject of course, is water-bodies. They look great and they don't squirm in and out of focus like puppies or people. I want everyone to get outside, despite the cold and snow, and see that winter is not all bad, and there is still beauty out there not buried by snow. And if you happen to take a picture that strikes and epiphany and gives nature a profound meaning in your mind, well, then no harm done...and if you happen to catch hypothermia then my bad...

So, I could tell you all about myself, but there is a blog bio for that, so I will just tell you I am a sophomore at college and I have spent my entire life within a two hour distance from here, and actually have family just around the corner. I really love my school (despite the price) and I love the area. I'm in a long term relationship, so if I ever meet up with anyone in the field for some fun activities, I probably won't be alone. Also, surprise surprise, I am an environmental science major. Shocking, no?

So, to wrap up this ramble, I will mention the picture of me and the lake. One of us is just ridiculous, but I will leave the decision of who up to you...