Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its warming up!

So, its getting warmer out there, lets hope this lasts. The birds were actually singing today, maybe a good sign?

Hopefully the warm weather stay's for Hilary's pet project "Embrace the Lake" which kind of sounds really awesome and I'm sad I didn't do last year. This year I will have to be a good role model and drag out a few friends of my own. Of course, we like to run around in the streams anyway, and we do tend to find a good deal of trash, so this time, we'll just have to grab a few bags to bring it back in.
I personally have always liked searching around outdoors, and think there is nothing cooler than finding bones or fossils, or rocks that I should know the name of because of geology but mainly refer to as "ooh, shiny!" But really, the streams are super fun, and one of my best memories is visiting local waterside locations with my friends. They're beautiful, and there is just so much to find! So if I can go hiking AND help the lake stay healthy, and maybe even improve it then why not? Sounds like fun!

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